support child education in Nepal

A donation for every purchase will support child education in Nepal.

We truly believe that direct support to rural community schools could positively affect the future of Nepalese children.

Ebonie Enterprise, a company based in Vancouver Island, is supporting the education of more than 70 children in the village of Gorka with our donations.

Jill Yoneda Free Diving Open Water Swimmer

Jill Yoneda is an incredible athlete with a big heart. She pushes the limits of human endurance in cold open water swims around Vancouver Island and is three times Freediving National Record holder.

She is attempting the Double Cross of the Georgia Straight next summer, a marathon swim in cold water never done before.

She is Fundraising for Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

We are proud to support her.

Visit her website for more info and updates:

OceanMagma has adopted

Star a 10 year old female Orca of the J-Pod.

Star is the first offspring of Polaris (J-28). Since the loss of her mother and younger brother in the fall of 2016, Star travels with her remaining family members - grandmother Princess Angeline (J-17), aunt Tahlequah (J-35), aunt Kiki (J-53), uncle Moby (J-44), and her cousin, Notch (J-47).

Adopt a killer whale is a program of The Whale Museum.

Follow the link for more info:

Photo Credit Lyle Berzin

Hanna Scott Cold Water Surfer
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